LGC Honored For Pro Bono Work
LGC Staff
Mon December 28, 2015
6:13 PM UTC

In September, the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada and ONE Promise Nevada, a program designed to encourage attorneys to take at least one pro bono case, issued a challenge to all other practice areas regarding pro bono services.  The Family Law Section believed that family law attorneys do more pro bono service than all other areas of practice combined.

As such, the challenge was to see how many attorneys in other areas of practice would complete one or more of the following: (1) donate; (2) participate in an Ask-A-Lawyer Program; (3) take on a pro bono case; or (4) inspire others to do any of the previous three.  Further, the Family Law Section and ONE Promise Nevada offered a more difficult challenge that included seeing if an entire law firm could get every attorney from its firm to take a pro bono case.  If a firm accomplished that, the firm would be named to the 100% Club and recognized at an award banquet in front of some of Nevada’s judges and fellow attorneys.

LGC's Las Vegas office, through the leadership of managing partner Loren Young, accepted that difficult challenge.  Every attorney, both partner and associate, took on a pro bono case.  As a result, LGC's Las Vegas office was recognized and honored earlier this month with a 100% Certificate of Appreciation for its dedication to pro bono services.  Loren Young and associate Karissa Mack were also individually honored for their commitment to the ONE Promise Nevada Campaign.  Ms. Mack received accolades for not only donating, but also participating in multiple Ask-A-Lawyer Programs and taking on a pro bono case.

Congratulations to Karissa, Loren, and the entire Las Vegas office.

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