Employers in the 21st Century face a daunting task of complying with a myriad of applicable laws and regulations at both the state and federal level, along with avoiding an ever-present threat of potential litigation. As part of LGC’s expansive employment and labor practice, LGC’s experienced attorneys advise employers on effective human resource policies and procedures, as well as regulatory compliance, in order to minimize the risk of litigation. LGC has experience providing counseling to employers in the following areas:

If litigation does occur, LGC’s trial attorneys are able to draw upon their significant experience in employment litigation to formulate effective strategies to maximize defenses and achieve the best possible outcome for our employer clients. LGC has successfully represented clients in state and federal courts in many different types of employment litigation, including:

LGC also has experience successfully representing employers in administrative actions, including:

To learn more about LGC’s experience with employment law, or to discuss how we can be of assistance to you, contact us.

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