LGC Partners To Put On "REPTILE" Webinar
LGC Staff
Fri April 15, 2016
3:50 AM UTC

On April 27, LGC partners Teresa Beck and Jill Chilcoat will be putting on a webinar entitled, "Is the Reptile Real? Dissecting 2015 Reptile Verdicts."  The webinar will analyze verdicts from 2015 where the plaintiffs' attorneys reportedly used the so-called "reptile" theory, a common practice among plaintiff attorneys to tailor a case to trigger jurors' primitive instincts of safety and security.

The webinar will analyze the facts and results of selected cases, and evaluate the impact, if any, of the reptile tactics on the results.  The webinar is free and attendees will receive one hour of continuing education credit in California, and pending approval in Nevada.  For more information or to sign up for the webinar, click here or e-mail Teresa.

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